Family Beachcombing Adventure

Family Beachcombing Adventure

A fun filled family day out where you can enjoy a fun ride with the family, a day of exploring rock pools whre you can learn about the local coastline and finish with a chance to earn a prize for the children.

Hire a bike and take out the Family Beachcombing Adventure and you'll have a full day of entertainment with the added bonus of tiring the children out at the same time. The package comprises of fishing nets, buckets, magnifying glass and a fact finding sheet for the family to complete. Complete the sheet and there will be a little prize to collect at the end.

We recommend taking this package at low tide, if you're not sure when low tide is then feel free to drop us a line or visit

Know what a mermaids purse is? What does a cuttlefish look like? The answers and more can be found out on your Family Beachcombing Adventure.


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