Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes

We are pleased to say that we are now hiring out Trek FX1 Hybrid bikes. These are ideal if you want to travel further afield and enjoy sights such as the Seven Sisters and Devil's Dyke.

Please note - these are not e-bikes, hybrid refers to bikes that are able to ride on the road and light trails, a cross between mountain bikes and road bikes.

The bikes come in four different sizes;

Small - 155cm - 165cm / 5ft 1" - 5ft 5"

Medium - 165cm - 175cm / 5ft 5" - 5ft 8"

Large - 175cm - 186cm / 5ft 8" - 6ft 1"

Extra Large - 186cm - 197cm / 6ft 1" - 6ft 5"




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